Alternative Content

GDC Digital Services acquires and distributes alternative content for theatrical release in Asia.

We are proud to announce the following films recenty released.

FATBOY SLIM LIVE from the Big Beach Bootique

Release Date:  One Night Only - August 31 (worldwide)See it in Hong Kong at UA Cinema (airport)
Distributor: GDC Digital Services
TRT: 99 minutes
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In 2002 Fatboy Slim's iconic Big Beach Bootique party on Brighton Beach, one of the biggest parties ever seen, captured the imagination of party people all around the world. A decade later, Fatboy Slim took the Big Beach legacy a step further, this time to a stadium where he staged one of the biggest productions for a party the world has ever witnessed. It must be seen to be believed... LED video screens spanning the entire length of a football field, pyrotechnics shooting flames as high as office blocks, breath-taking lasers and a cast of 40,000 fans enjoying the ride. Together with the incredible 5.1 surround sound in the theatre, audiences will go wild.  All of this and of course Fatboy himself, steering us through a roller coaster musical ride that includes some of his own anthems like 'Praise You' and 'Right Here Right Now' as well as some of the most exhilarating tracks from the past and the present.  Fatboy Slim was most recently seen worldwide performing for the closing ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games.  On August 31, let’s dance, be crazy, shout and sing along with fans around the world from USA, Canada, UK, Brazil, Australia, Japan, Italy, to Hong Kong.



Release Date:  August 24, 2012
Location:  Hong Kong (see below)
Distributor:  GDC Digital Services
TRT: 141 minutes
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Westlife was an Irish boy band formed in 1998. Their first single, "Swear It Again" immediately topped the charts in Ireland and the UK after its release. Westlife broke an unexpected record for the most consecutive number one singles in the UK, with their first seven singles debuting at the top of the charts.

In October 2011, the band made an official announcement that they were to disband after their twelfth and final concert in the following year. On 23rd June, 2012, they took the stage one last time at Croke Park in Dublin, Ireland. Westlife gave their 85,000 fans the two-hour show of a lifetime, including nearly all of their hits from “Swear It Again” to “What About Now." It was a perfect way to celebrate their incredible career along with their die-hard fans.

For a limited time only, Westlife is giving fans in Hong Kong one last opportunity to watch the event and enjoy the encore in local cinemas beginning 24th August. The screening runs at 2 hours 21 minutes presented in high quality screen and sound, featuring 2K video recording and 5.1 surround sound production. Fans cannot afford to miss this final chance to enjoying singing along to hits such as “Flying Without Wings”, “You Raise Me Up”, “World of Our Own” and “Uptown Girl”.


Hong Kong:

AMC Pacific Place – 8/24, 8/25

UA Cinema @ Airport – 8/25, 8/26, 9/1

MCL JP – 8/25 (private screening)



AMC Festival Walk –  8/25, 8/26, 9/1, 9/9

GH Mongkok – 8/24, 8/25

The Grand – 8/24, 8/31, 9/7

UA iSQUARE – 8/24, 8/25



UA Galaxy Cinema – 9/22